Dear customers,

First and foremost, my wife Tami, the entire ECIG Lounge team, and I would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones from tainted vaping oils. These tainted products have unfortunately caused illnesses and deaths. Our prayers go out to everyone affected.

My wife and I founded ECIG Lounge six years ago based on the principles of integrity and character. We care about the health and the safety of our community. We’ve helped hundreds of lifelong smokers trash the ash and use vaping to quit smoking safely. Many of our customers vape products that contain no nicotine at all. We ID our clients and are committed to making sure vaping devices and products never get into the hands of minors.

I believe we have lived up to our own high standards in a new industry where sensible regulations have not yet become standard. ECIG Lounge only partners with manufacturers who have the same commitment to quality and integrity we do. Our devices and vaping products are manufactured in clean rooms that we inspect regularly. We pride ourselves on exceeding the requirements of the rules that do currently govern our industry. We’ve never failed a compliance check at any of our three locations in the six years we’ve been in business.

Because of our commitment to the safety of our customers and the quality of our products, ECIG Lounge has become a leader in the vaping industry. As leaders, it’s important for us to stand on the front lines when our industry is in the headlines. Unfortunately, many of the reports we’ve seen and government leaders we’ve heard are misinformed. I wanted to take a moment to clear up some of these misconceptions in the wake of this tragedy.

As doctors and other medical experts have shared in press conferences, the word “vaping” covers a wide range of products that’s been misapplied in current headlines. ECIG Lounge and other reputable vaping retailers and manufacturers sell devices that are intended to be used with water-based e-liquids. These devices are safe, but they are not intended for use with oils. Misusing these products with oils may cause chemicals within the devices to leach into the vapor.

Unfortunately, the victims of this tragedy have been found to have used tainted oil products, specifically tainted oils containing THC, in devices intended for water-based e-liquids. As marijuana is legal in some states and not others, these products are extremely popular on the black market. Many vaping products on the black market have ingredients added to them that can cause serious illness or even death.

Reputable manufacturers produce THC oils that are safe to use in devices that are compatible with oil-based e-liquids. They are as concerned about the safety of their products as the public is. But unfortunately, they—and the rest of the vaping industry—are thrown into the lot with the black market products in the press.

ECIG Lounge supports regulation of our industry. Implementing sensible rules and requirements for vaping manufacturers and retailers can ensure reputable shops like ours don’t have to compete with tainted products on the black market. Sensible regulations can improve the public’s perception of our industry.

But hastily enacted vaping regulations or outright bans based on misinformation put reputable companies out of business and expands the black market, the source of the current tragedy. Banning the sale of vaping products will not prevent the tragedy from occurring; in fact, it exacerbates it. I pray that ECIG Lounge will be able to continue to help those who are trying to quit smoking and make life-changing transformations.

I am very sorry for everyone who have been affected by the current tragedy. The ECIG Lounge staff is always here to answer questions and inform the public about safe vaping. Feel free to contact any one of our shops to get your questions answered. We will always be leaders in our industry, whatever arises. We are here now and plan to be here in the future, running our business with character and integrity.

We hope you will join us in sending thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the tainted oil tragedy.

Thank you. Be well.

Bennie McWilliams
Founder and Owner of ECIG Lounge Waite Park, Monticello, and Rogers.

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