About Us

Your success is our passion.

Bennie and Tami McWilliams started ECIG Lounge with a dream to help people gradually reduce their nicotine dependency using vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, eventually eliminating the need for nicotine altogetherTheir passion is to work themselves ouof clients.  

Today, many people come to ECIG Lounge to get the help they need to become nicotine-free. Young adults, middle-aged adults, and senior citizens alike seek alternatives to smoking. At ECIG Lounge, our goal is to reduce your need for nicotine in any form, including vaping. Our customers tell us every day about the success they are experiencing. Check out their success stories. 

Ecig Lounge Team

Meet the Team

Have a question about quitting, vaping, products, pricing, or anything else? Our team is here to help!

Our staff is here to support you on your quitting journey. We’re here to listen to your story and help you find the nicotine alternative that will help you quit smoking. Our team will talk with you about your options and assist you in selecting the device that is best for you. The highly educated staff at ECIG Lounge is always up-to-date on vaping safety as well as the latest vaping devices and how they work. We’re here to help.

Ecig Lounge Staff Bennie
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor:
  • Favorite Activity:
Jeremy Bentler, Regional Manger
Jeremy Bentler
Regional Manager
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor: Stix Bee Razzers
  • Favorite Activity: hanging out with family, watching football, and watching WWE.
Jake Bushman, Social Media Manager
Jake Bushman
Social Media Manager
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor: Must Vape Dahli
  • Favorite Activity: hanging with his band.
Antonio McWilliams, Waite Park Manager
Antonio McWilliams
Waite Park Manager
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor: Fruita Pineapple Citrus Twist
  • Favorite Activity: building his shoe collection.
Avery Gronseth, Assistant Manager
Avery Gronseth
Assistant Manager
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor: Glas Basix Caribbean Punch
  • Favorite Activity: continue growing and raising his reptile collection.
Ryan Odelius, Vape Specialist
Ryan Odelius
Vape Specialist
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor: Mucho Mango
  • Favorite Activity: go fishing.
Alenita Maurer, Vape Specialist
Alenita Maure
Vape Specialist
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor: Slushy Ice Blue Razz
  • Favorite Activity: spend time with family and friends.
Ecig Lounge Staff Dalton
Dalton Flugga
  • Location: Waite Park
  • Favorite Flavor: Blood Orange Pineapple Iced from Hi Drip
  • Favorite Activity: play video games and take his dog for walks.
Teia Johnson, Monticello Manager
Teia Johnson
Monticello Manager
  • Location: Monticello
  • Favorite Flavor: Ninja Sauce Kunia
  • Favorite Activity: spending time with her kids.
Collin LeVasseur, Vape Specialist
Collin LeVasseu
Vape Specialist
  • Location: Monticello
  • Favorite Flavor: Elysian Labs Dragon Glass
  • Favorite Activity: spending time with friends.
Dalton Flugga, Rogers Manager
Dalton Flugga
Rogers Manager
  • Location: Rogers
  • Favorite Flavor: Hi Drip Blood Orange Pineapple Iced
  • Favorite Activity: hanging out with friends and family.

Our Community

We’re here for our neighbors.

Our local shops try their very best to provide people in our community with nicotine alternatives. We are actively involved in our local chambers of commerce, our team members attend many networking functions, and we are always looking for volunteer opportunities. The more we contribute, the more people we can help! At ECIG Lounge, we support local artists and musicians and create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors. Stop in and see for yourself! 

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Our Advocacy

We want to clear the air about vaping.

ECIG Lounge is actively involved in federal, state, and city government affairs to make sure our industry is governed by sensible regulations and ensure the public is armed with the facts about vaping as an alternative to tobacco use. In the US alone, more than 41,000 people a year lose their lives from secondhand smoke alone. At ECIG Lounge, we are trying to change those facts by working with our government officials to pass regulations and raise awareness on the ways vaping can help people on their quitting journey. We advocate for you to make a positive change in your life. 

Representative Lisa Demuth (R-13A)
Phone: 651-296-4373
Email: rep.lisa.demuth@house.mn

Representative Tama Theis (R-14A)
Phone: 651-296-6316
Email: rep.tama.theis@house.mn

Representative Sondra Erickson (R-15A)
Phone: 651-296-6746
Email: rep.sondra.erickson@house.mn

Representative Tim O’Driscoll (R-13A)
Phone: 651-296-7808
Email: rep.tim.odriscoll@house.mn

Representative Dan Wolgamott (D-14B)
Phone: 651-296-6612
Email: rep.dan.wolgamott@house.mn

Representative Shane Mekeland (R-15B)
Phone: 651-296-2451
Email: rep.shane.mekeland@house.mn

Senator Jeff Howe (R-District 13)
Phone: 651-296-2084
Email: rep.jeff.howe@senate.mn

Senator Andrew Mathews (R-District 15)
Phone: 651-296-8075
Email: rep.andrew.mathews@senate.mn

Senator Jerry Relph (R-District 14)
Phone: 651-296-6455
Email: rep.jerry.relph@senate.mn

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer (R-District 30)
Phone: 651-296-5655
Email: rep.mary.kiffmeyer@senate.mn

Governor Time Walz 
Phone: 651-201-3400

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