About Our Team

ECig Lounge LLC was started in 2013 by husband & wife Bennie & Tami. Both of us are ex-smokers and set out with a passion to help educate and provide customers with an alternative to traditional tobacco use. Our goal was to do this in a lounge setting so we could also provide a safe, comfortable place that people could come and relax, study and get away from the busyness of life for a bit. As a result of the atmosphere we have created along with our work and dedication in being an asset to our community, we have been blessed with becoming good friends and what we consider family to many of our customers.

While each of us spend the majority of our days interacting with our wonderful customers, we each also have our own areas of specialties. Here are the faces behind the dream:

ECig Lounge Team
Our team is very passionate, educated and experienced in making sure that your experience at ECig Lounge is enjoyable. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our model is to ensure that education is our goal, your success is our passion and where quitting is just the beginning.

Our Valuable Team Members

Bennie is the resident social butterfly and networker extraordinaire. He has been on the front lines in fighting to maintain our rights to vape by taking an active role in the Minnesota Vapers Advocacy, the Independent Vapor Retailers of Minnesota and attending and testifying at capitol hearings. He also represents the ECig Lounge at all of our area chamber meetings and events where he connects with other business leaders and members of our local government.

In Bennie’s time outside of work he enjoys spending time with friends and family, riding his motorcycle and camping. With their recent move to the local area, he is thoroughly enjoying a little extra time at home watching their two dogs, Bella the American pitbull terrier and Chewy the mixed terrier, enjoy running laps in their new fenced in yard.

Tami handles much of the office work and ordering the Lounge’s supply of hardware. She networks with and stays on top of all the latest products offered by our suppliers. She is an expert at organizing our shop in ways to best serve our customers as they carefully choose which products they will have the best success with.

In Tami’s time outside of work she enjoys family time, camping, riding with Bennie and watching Lifetime movies when time allows (with some good action & suspense flicks mixed in).

Together, as Bennie would say, we are livin’ the dream!